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Cold, introverted and unfriendly from the outside, she turns out to be a much more layered character when getting to know her. Her relationships with her father and later her husband are the events that will define her personality

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Amy is the third child of Eugene and Kristin Grimaldi. When Kristin was on her 8th month, her husband beat her so bad that Kristin went on premature labor. Amy was born with a heart condition that required Javer's intervention to save her life. Even after the surgery, she was so weak that everybody thought she wouldn't make it. However, a 6 years old Raphael who had just learned of the death of his friend and Amy's brother talked to her, begging that she opened her eyes. Newborn Amy did so, and from that day on they were always connected to each other. While growing up, Amy was quiet, unfriendly and unusually critical for hear age. Despite not knowing what he had done, she always hated her father, sensing something off about him and secretly resenting his ill - treatment of their family. Besides her twin, Raphael is the first friend she ever made. Their friendship was what defined her more human side, created her opportunities to doing something more with her life as well as being the start of their romance which ended with them getting married. After running away with her mother and pregnant sister at the age of 14, Amy lived in New Sacramento for many years. Initially she was working at a restaurant after school along with Kristin, to support their family. During this period she was introduced to Anthony Javers, a college professor who caught her doing his student's homework for extra cash. He was impressed by her skills and offered her a chance to start college next year, under his tutelage. However, Amy did not consider going to a college at the time so she gently refused. In the meanwhile she had become acquainted to Tyra and Haylie , each of them exposing her of a new, dangerous path of fighting and killing. When Kristin was arrested for murdering her husband, Amy called Javers to help her, Lai and little Juno so that they would not end up getting separated in different orphanages. Javers got them in contact with their maternal grandmother Evelyn and they stayed with Evelyn until her death two years later. Being underage, the girls once again risked being separated for a few months. However, Javers took temporary custody of them until Kristin's release from prison which had been long orchestrated by Javers and Evelyn. In some point, Amy was introduced to Alexander Sach. While he immediately displayed a strong interest in her, Amy brushed him off. However, upon discovering that he was a drug lord, Amy decided to go undercover as his girlfriend in order to get information of other organized crime groups and give them to the DEA. She was aided by Simone Sach, another undercover agent and Alexander's wife, as well as Nathaniel ... , ... and Clyde Benetton. After her unfortunate rape and pregnancy by Alexander, Amy used her already established fake identity as April Besson and moved in UK to raise her daughter Greta far from Alexander's reach. With Tyra's assistance as the nanny and a friend, Amy lived in UK where she pursued a degree in computer science for 4 years. After Greta's and Kristin's death, Amy returned to New Sacramento where she stayed with Lai and Juno, acting as Juno's aunt as well as replacing her sister when Lai was away in business trips. She had reconnected with her old friends Nerissa, Nikki and Haylie and was working in a elite private school as a chemistry teacher at the beginning of the series until she quit, in order to help Raphael in solving the "unsolvable" 34 cases that would contribute in The UNIT's accreditation and recognition.

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Amy is a self - proclaimed introvert, although part of her introversion is more of a choice. Coming from a difficult childhood of an abusive father and weak - willed mother, Amy is controlling, skeptic, untrusting, calculating and cautious in her actions and has a hard time getting attached to people. Despite her altruistic side that she displays towards those in need, Amy prefers to maintain a distance from most of people. She has more of a "good Samaritan" approach to the world, helping out without getting close. Amy has a soft spot for children and goes to unreasonable lengths to save little kids or their mothers. This originates to her mother's mistreatment in the hands of her father as well as the deaths of her brother and daughter. She is polite until crossed, reserved and cold, to the point of stating that if she could choose her nationality it would have been either Japan or Germany and England, due to her having many characteristics in common with these people. However, this is only Amy's exterior, since she becomes easy going, fun - loving, charismatic, adventurous and very unreserved once she creates a bond with someone. Despite all this, time has shown that Amy never lets her guard down and can easily switch to her cold self when her trust is misused. After a long friendship with Haylie, Amy discarded her their friendship with great ease because Haylie turned out to having been working behind her back for quite a long time. An exception to this is Raphael, whom Amy idolizes and seems to forgive and justify his every mistake. She claims that it's not the mistakes that make her shut people out but what's inside their heart, and according to her in Raphael is nothing more that pure goodness. It appears that Amy thinks very little of predefined family roles, acting with her mother, sister, niece and children alike. She is just as judging to their mistakes as she is protective when they are in trouble. Overall she acts more like a friend to all of them, never being able to completely fit to the roles of a daughter, mother, sister or aunt. If someone is important to her, she does not bother with family roles. they are all people to be cared for and protected, even if it means that she has to tell some very harsh truths right to their faces. She is a very critical person and her blunt personality won't let her hide it. As a wife, Amy retains pretty much the same attitude. Another clear indicator of her disdain for predefined positions is how she ignores gender roles in her marriage. For example, Raphael is the one to do the cooking or keep the appearances with family friends, while Amy will most often be seen changing lamp bulbs, fixing electric and electronic devices or being the

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  • Amy (to Kristin, about Raphael) - I love him... And he loves me too. Isn't that supposed to mean something?</li>
  • Amy - Is it too much that I am asking? We can start it out real slow. You just put your hand on my waist and ...</li>

    Raphael - That is not your waist

    Amy - I don't mind. What about you?

  • Amy (to Raphael, about Tyra) - My best friend! If she betrays me, I am gonna build a giant bomb and blow the whole earth.</li>
  •  </li>