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Raphael and Amy are on another case of a guy was caught by the police 8 years ago, completely naked,  head shaved, tattoos and molar fillings removed etc. He (might have) died in jail (and that's the case, finding his killer). It turns out to be a revenge plot / struggle of wits. His nakedness and other circumstances of his capture were his way of saying that he will beat his opponent with just his skills (probably wits), just like Clyde Shelton from LAC who was arrested naked and never needed anything to be on power. The guy most probably did not die at all, or maybe even after his death he set in motion his plot. Maybe his organs were used as a trade ... ? Or his fortune after death as pay - off. Amy figures out the meaning of his circumstances, Raphael figures out the rest.

  • if it is a revenge plot, Amy and Raphael agree with the guy (but capture him anyway if he is alive). if it is a game of wits, they acknowledge his brains. Raphael gets upset that he was outwitted but Amy tells him that he is smarter that the guy cause he figured out in a matter of days what the guy had planned for years + such smart guys are dangerous cause they toy with people. Raphael gets shaken upon hearing this, because he is afraid of becoming like the dead guy.

Other things that happen:

  1. Raphael discusses with Thomas his fear of becoming an amoral person that things he has all the rights in the world. He says he does not want to hurt Amy. Upon Thomas's request, Raphael confesses that the 33 cases are just an excuse to get close to Amy, since Haylie is unapproachable. Thomas gets pissed of and says Raphael has crossed the line and that they are done. Raphael is left surprised at his reaction but also sad about loosing his friend. Thomas talks to Vincent and tells him that they no longer support Raphael. Vincent follows the order and lets raph know he won't be coming with him and Amy anymore.
  2. In the beginning of the episode, Juno noticed for the first time that Amy's ring is actually a modified earing and points out it is a cheap jewelry and does not understand why Amy always keeps it and who could have given her such a silly but creative thing. Juno thinks for a while and asks if the person was less than 14. Amy says that it was not Juno (Juno would have remembered), Juno replies that she thought that only someone childish and crazy like Tara can make such gifts. Amy: it was not tara neither. Juno asks for the name, Amy tells her to keep hoping. At the end of the episode Juno accidentally enters Amy's room (while amy was just hanging up with nerissa and getting ready to met her) with another hypothesis of a kid, because she is convinced that only kids can make a present like that. While talking amy is changing, and juno keeps staring at Amy's scar at her stomach (previously amy had told her it was the gunshot operation scar). Juno starts suspecting that it does not look like a gunshot scar and goes googling them.
  3. Nikki goes to make a surprise visit to Nathan and finds the little kid again there. Nathan says his neighbor was again busy. Nikki does not believe him yet leaves, later coming back and telling him how she knows it is Nathan's son (they share a birthmark). She asks who is the mother but Nathan says that she lost the right to ask that, since they no longer are anything to each other and that they could have had a beautiful family together but Nikki blew it all. Nikki says that he is cruel, because she knows. They both suffered from it but the difference is that Nikki was going through hell and her hands were tied when she took the decision she took and that she recognizes her fault and has been living with it from that day. But Nathan is so self - righteous that he won't see his part of the fault. Nikki gave the ending a finishing touch, but Nathan started it. Now, just like the first time he is starting the end and she is finishing it. She walks out crying while he remains untouched. Nikki is seen slowly calming down as she drives and goes home taking care of Priscilla while Nathan is seen emotionless taking care of the kid. As Nikki has completely calmed down and the kid is eating his dinner, Nathan is seen crying silently and uncontrollably saying that his hands were tied too.
  4. At the beginning of the chapter Nerissa uncovers the fact that Martina has been using her "charity org" to take large amounts of money from their company. She is initially upset, but when seeing that most of the funds used were Martina's, decides that Martina had all the right to do whatever she wanted and that is was for a greater cause and that Martina was being humbled by not saying everything. She decides to find out who was Martina's collaborator so that she continues her friend's good deeds. At the end of the chapter nerissa finds out that the man was Alexander Sach and asks Amy to find a way to approach him. Upon hearing the name, Amy is alarmed and tells nerissa to meet her right away. they set an appointment and Amy says that she will just change her clothes and meet with nerissa at their place
  5. In the beginning of the episode Mia teases Thomas about his care towards Juno and he says that he is careful towards all kids or women because he was raised that way. Mia doesn't like the fact that it sounds true and Thomas really is a very protective person. She gets irritated because teasing Thomas is no fun. In the end of the episode, after the fight with Raphael, Thomas goes home and digs up his stuff to find a photo of Juno, the twins and Evelyn. 

The almost naked truth is the xth episode of season 1. summary here .... + photo